"Math" is the second installment of BFMT. It featured the first ever elimination and the first skill challenge in the camp. It was released May 31, 2013.

BFMT Episode 2A - Math02:37

BFMT Episode 2A - Math


  • Snowball is disappointed that 3 members from his team did not do the challenge.
  • Golfball's user (goldenzoomi) is going to a 10-day vacation.
  • Coiny is happy that he wouldn't be eliminated in the first episode.


The Sour Lemons are up for elimination. There were 20 votes for this elimination.

Contestant Votes
Leafy 0
Match 0
Ice Cube 0
Firey 1
Eraser 1
Snowball 1
Pen 1
Blocky 2
Coiny 3
Donut 11
Jail Cell (BFMT)

Donut is eliminated with 11 votes.


The next challenge is to do math. You may have thought, "No! Not math!" The math problems range for 1st grade to Algebra II.

1) 2+8 6) sq root 144
2) 32-15 7) 2+3(4^2-13)
3) 9x3 8) 2x+4=3x-4
4) 47/5 9) y=(1/3)x+3
5) 43x27 10) y=x^2+12x-28

NOTICE: Although contestants can use widgets and graphing calculators to help them, they are not allowed to share their answers to other people.


BFMT Episode 2B - Math RESULTS02:43

BFMT Episode 2B - Math RESULTS


  • Pencil wishes good luck to everyone.
  • Firey finds problems 1-6 easy, while the rest of them were hard.
  • Coiny's user (TheOnlyBoxThatSubs) is going on the vacation on June 9.
  • Ice Cube is happy to be on this camp.
  • Bubble doesn't have a brain.
  • Tennis Ball finds Math easy.
  • Match is happy that Donut deserved to be eliminated.


Sour Lemons

  • Blocky
  • Pen

Sweet Blueberries

  • Ruby
  • Gelatin
  • Book


Problem # Correct # Incorrect
1st grade 14 0
2nd grade 11 3
3rd grade 12 2
4th grade 9 5
5th grade 11 2
6th grade 12 0
7th grade 6 6
Pre-Algebra (8th grade) 10 2
Algebra I 6 5
Algebra II 3 (1 w/PC) 7

Up for eliminationEdit

Sour Lemons

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