Battle For Magic City Again (a.k.a BFMCA) is the reboot of Battle For Magic City, hosted by Reviloja753 and Retro Guy. It has 22 contestants, with 7 BFMT/BFMC veterans and 14 newbies.

Contestants Edit

Here is a list of this seasons contestants:

The Flaming Fajitas Edit

Bracelety- A Doctor Who (eliminated 1st) TV- DaKillahAidan Balloon- Andy Phamily Snowball- TardisTheTardis Apple- Nitro Ninja Bow- Sisley Lee Taco- Silverkoopa888 Bell- SergantSnivy Propeller Hat- WhaiJay Pencil- Ben1178 Lego Brick- 24AMPER

The Shivering Snowballs Edit

Rocky- Jackson Olbrich Spongy- xXBombs_AwayXx Tetris Block- YearsAnimations Clock- Ni Hao Guylan Ruby- pokpower8 Reversal Token- KirbyRider1337 Ice Cube- DarkSid3Gam3r Teardrop- sneep23 (now replaced with Pop Tart- SubSubbedUnsubbed due to inactivity) Woody- Retterime Marshmallow- Speedy Art Anime12 Paper- Da Bup Thing

Win Token

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