Played by TheOnlyBoxThatSubs.

History of eliminations in BFMTEdit

Episode 2a: Safe at 3 votes

Episode 3a: Safe at 2 votes

Episodes 4a-5c: Sour Lemons Immune

Episode 6a: Safe at 12 likes and 6 dislikes

Episode 7a: Safe at 8 likes and 4 dislikes

Episode 8a: Safe at 6 likes and 0 dislikes

Episodes 9a-12a: Sour Lemons Immune Episode

13a: Immune

Episode 14a: Safe at 30 likes and 18 dislikes

Episode 15a: Safe at 19 votes

Episode 16a: Safe at 16 likes and 22 dislikes

Episode 17a: Immune

Episode 18a: Eliminated with 14 votes

Rest of the Camp: Eliminated

Episode 22a: Didn't rejoin with 9 votes


  • Coiny was the last non-allaince member.
  • Coiny is one of two Sour Lemons from BFMT to compete in BFMC.
    • The other contestant happens to be Snowball

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