Disc FR

Disc is a competitor on Battle For Magic City. He is portrayed by BeAwesomeOne2.


Challenge 1: In the vending machine challenge, Disc succesfully did the challenge and was placed on the Sakuya Tribe.

Challenge 2: In the Balance Beam challenge, Sakuya went up against Patchouli. Disc defended, and got attacked by Fly Swat.

In the second round, Disc tried to attack Sunglasses, but the attack failed due to Sunglasses already being out. Paper Airplane attacked Disc, and got out.

His tribe lost, but he was safe regardless.

Challenge 3: In the 2013 Trivia challenge, Disc got an 8/10, thus being safe from elimination.

Challenge 4: In the Wheel Spinning challenge, Disc opted to spin the first three wheels, getting ZONK'D in the third wheel. His tribe lost, and was put up for elimination.

Challenge 5: In the 25 Buttons challenge, Disc chose Blue 4, earning 40 points. His tribe got last place, but he was safe from elimination.

Challenge 6: In the RPS XXV challenge, Disc chose Bowl, defeating Propeller Hat, but losing to Whistle. His tribe was once again UFE, but he was safe.

Challenge 7: In the Create Tokens challenge, Disc created the Bad News Token. It got 12/26, due to it being OP. Despite this, his tribe got first place, so he was safe.

Challenge 8: In the Inanimate Insanity quiz, Disc got a score of 7/10. His tribe got first place once again.

Challenge 9: In the Cirno's Vending Machine 2.0 challenge, Disc chose F5, earning a Tornado Token. This time, everyone who didn't got a Cirno Token (Including Disc) was UFE.

Challenge 10: In the Elimination Tag challenge, Disc got tagged once by Sunglasses and Boombox, he also tagged Toothy and Boombox. He wasn't involved in the challenge after that.


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