Fly Swat is a competitor on the show Battle for Magic City. He is portrayed by the user OfficialMatrVincent
Fly Swat FR
, who is famous for making BFDI Survivor.


Challenge 1:Edit

In the Vending Machine challenge, Fly Swat replied to the challenge and was spared of elimination. After the challenge, he was placed on the Patchouli Tribe

Challenge 2:Edit

In the Balance Beam challenge, Patchouli went up against Sakuya. Fly Swat first attacked Disc, but due to Disc defending, the attack failed. 

In the 2nd round, Fly Swat defended and was not attacked. In the 3rd round, Fly Swat attacked Dusty, but due to Dusty already being out, the attack failed. With the score being 4-2 for Patchouli, Fly Swat's team won the challenge. Fly Swat was given a Win Token for staying alive the entire time.

Challenge 3:Edit

In the trivia challenge, Fly Swat got 9/10 and safe from elimination.

Challenge 4:Edit

In the Spin The Wheel challenge, Fly Swat backed out in the 3rd round, securing his 75 pts for his team

Challenge 5:Edit

In the Forum challenge, Fly Swat did not register and was DSQ from the challenge.

Challenge 6:Edit

In the Rock-Paper-Scissors challenge, Fly Swat chose Moon. He was put in a competition against Whistle, but since Whistle chose Sponge, he moved on to the next round, and Fly Swat was eliminated from the challenge. He was later put up for elimination.

Challenge 7:Edit

At elimination, Fly Swat got 15 likes and received a Win Token and a 5 point advantage in the next challenge

In the Token challenge, Fly Swat created the Tornado Token. Due to over-complicatedness, the full description of the Tornado Token can be viewed here. Fly Swat got a 19/26 in the challenge. With his advantage from the last challenge, he got 24 points, but did not earn his own token due to bonus points counting towards the team, not the contestant.

Challenge 8:Edit

In the II Trivia challenge, Fly Swat got 9/10 + 1 bonus point, receiving a win token and being safe from elimination along with Paper Airplane

Challenge 9:Edit

In Cirno's Vending Machine 2.0, Fly Swat inputted A5 in the pad, giving him a Win Token. In a twist, everyone was UFE except for the people who receiveda Cirno Token in the challenge.

Challenge 10:Edit

At elimination, Fly Swat was the only contestant to use a token. However, in a twist, tokens could not be used, so his win token was returned. Fly Swat received 1 vote and was safe from elimination.

In the Death Tag challenge, Fly Swat was tagged once by Marble, and Fly Swat tagged Flower. At the end of the challenge, he was safe from instant elimination. 

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