Fries is an eliminated contestant on BFMC. He is portrayed by Cody Nutt.


Fries - Cody Nutt

Challenges Edit

  • Episode 11: Fries debuts into the game.
  • Episode 12: He hits Pencil in round 1, but didn't do the challenge in round 2.
  • Episode 13: Fries picked C and N, earning him 0.5 points. His team lost and he got up for elimination.
  • Episode 14: Fries got 5 likes and 11 dislikes, getting in the bottom two. Badge was originally eliminated, but he got safe, as he did the challenge, causing Fries to be eliminated instead.
  • Episode 15: fries will have a chance to rejoin if badge doesnt do the challenge But badge does the challenge and if someone quits he will rejoin and yinyang and asthma inhaler quit.

trivia Edit

  • He was one of the only debuters in 11b that didn't quit or change their character
  • he was one of the only characters that's user had an unusual last name
  • he was probably eliminated with the least votes in history of bfmc at 6
  • he was the first newbie (other than rocky) eliminated 

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