Kite is a competitor in the camp Battle For Magic City. She is played by e-s-purr


Kite FR


Challenge 1: She replied to the challenge, making her in the Yuyuko tribe.

Challenge 2: The Yuyuko tribe went up against the Marisa tribe. Kite defended, which makes Needle's attack on Kite useless. The Yuyuko tribe wasn't up for elimination.

Challenge 3: Kite got a 7/10 in the challenge, she wasn't up for elimination.

Challenge 4: Kite didn't spin the last wheel, she was busy eating donuts.

Challenge 5: In the forum challenge, she registered.

Challenge 6: In the RPS challenge, she chose Dragon. She went against Book, Kite defeated her and went to the next round. She lost against Masky in the next round.

Challenge 7: Kite created the revenge token, it got 20 points, she wasn't up for elimination.

Challenge 8: In the Inanimate Quizanity challenge, she got 6/10, the Yuyuko tribe wasn't up for elimination.

Challenge 9: She chose C3 in the Cirno's Vending Machine and got a win token. The Yuyuko tribe was up for elimination.

Challenge 10: There are no more tribes, and now there are 2 teams. She's on Team Suwako

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