Test Tube is a contestant in Battle For Magic City. She is portrayed by elfireball42. She won BFMC by a pole vote from the viewers.


Test Tube had a Scramble Token, Reversal Token and three win tokens.


Test Tube was up for elimination in 3A and shockingly to her, got the most likes gaining an advantage.

She was also UFE in 7A and was safe.

She was UFE in 18A and was safe again.

She was UFE in 22A and won a Scramble Token.


1 - Test Tube did the challenge and was placed on the Sakuya Tribe.

2 - Test Tube attacked Cheesy before being eliminated by Paper Airplane.

3 - Test Tube successfully got 11/10 on the test.

4 - Test Tube stopped on time and was one of two members of her tribe to not be UFE.

5 - Test Tube chose Blue 3 and got 30 points.

6 - Test Tube chose Scissors and lost to Suitcase.

7 - Test Tube created the Substitute Token and got a base score of 16/20.

8 - Test Tube got 7/10 and was safe.

9 - Test Tube picked C2 and gained a Win Token.

10 - Test Tube was not hit and remained safe.

11 - Test Tube chose the Fairy Orb and was Defeated by Pencil.

12 - Test Tube was not hit.

13 - Test Tube chose T/C and got 5.

14 - Test Tube got 8/20.

15 - Test Tube got 20/20.

16 - Test Tube got 0.

17 - Test Tube got 5/10.

18 - Test Tube got 10/10.

19 - Test Tube picked Detroit.

20 - Test Tube chose Let It Go.

21 - Test Tube named her tribe Sakuya's Torrents and got 34/40.

22 - Test Tube got a Bingo after 38 turns.

23 - Test Tube chose 42 and got Golbat 6/10.

24 - Test Tube picked Green 4B and got 4 points.

25 - Test Tube got 18/20.

26 - Test Tube got 85%.

27 - Test Tube got 100%.

28 - Test Tube DNP.

29 - Test Tube chose 5.

30 - Test Tube got all 5 right and was named 'Really, Really Good Police Officer.

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