Trophy is a current contestant of BFMC on Team Suwako. He is played by Dhs spivak.

Competition SummaryEdit

Episode 1Edit

  • Trophy did the challenge successfully, getting placed on the Yuyuko Tribe.

Episode 2Edit

  • Trophy was knocked out by Suitcase in the second round. This started their "rivalry". His tribe was safe from elimination.

Episode 3Edit

  • Trophy got a 7/10, the second-best on his tribe (along with Kite). Although his tribe was UFE, he was safe from elimination.

Episode 4Edit

  • Trophy opted out in the final round of the challenge, earning a total of 125 points. His tribe was safe from elimination.

Episode 5Edit


Trophy's tribe switch.

  • Trophy switched to Sakuya after the elimination. In the challenge, he got 0 points - he chose a red button. He was put up for elimination.

Episode 6Edit

  • Trophy would have been eliminated with 7 likes and 15 dislikes, but he used his Win Token. Popcorn was eliminated instead.
  • Trophy lost in the second round of the challenge. Furthermore, his tribe was up for elimination. Trophy was put on the block.

Episode 7Edit

  • Trophy received 5 likes and 22 dislikes. This was enough to eliminate him.

Episode 9Edit

  • Trophy was given a chance to rejoin the game.

Episode 10Edit

  • Trophy received 13 votes, the second most (without multipliers). He rejoined the game on Team Suwako.


  • Trophy is one of the three contestants whose token usage saved them from elimination (the others being Mii U and Reversal Token).
    • Also, like Mii U, Trophy was eliminated the episode after his token usage.
  • Trophy has done all of the challenges so far, except for the challenges that took place between his elimination and rejoin.
  • Trophy has been eliminated with the least amount of votes, at 1.

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